Cash Problems

The holidays can be overwhelming for many adults with ADD. It can also be a time when people realize that they do not have the savings to cover their holiday spending. They realize that they did not save enough money over the year to cover heavy holiday spending in December. This usually means that starting in January many people make a new year’s resolution to improve their finances.

The focus of their resolution is to find ways to reduce expenses, ways to increase income, and better financial organization. These are very lofty goals and are all factors towards improving your finances. What is often ignored is the emotional reason behind a purchase. Adults with ADD are more prone to impulsive and emotional spending, and it is important to recognize physical and emotional patterns in how you are spending your money.

In order to this you should keep a small notebook and track you purchases for a month. It should include when you made a purchase, the amount of the purchase, what you spent it on, and how you were feeling when you made a purchase. For example I am more prone to making impulsive purchases when I am tired. Reviewing this notebook will not only help you recognize patterns with your spending, it will also help you to realize how much you are spending on small expenses. ADD adults often lose track of how much their small expenses are actually costing them each month.

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